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Camox aims to give full satisfaction and complete peace of mind to our clients. To atain such, we extend the following:

Assists clients in obtaining accreditation requirements with concerned Philippine offices like POEA;
Recruitment, Payroll Handling, Labor/Payroll Management at the work site; and
Taking full responsibilities of an employer at the country of employment, as well as where the POEA and/or Philippine Labour Law are concerned.

Camox offers specialized recruitment services for every client's unique requirements:

Search, screen and contact the best and most suitable candidates
Customized services for each of our respective clients. We profile their needs and act as an intermediary to carry out initial screening, negotiations on remuneration and benefits and shortlist candidates who match our client's requirements. Avenues for employer's perusal and selection of candidates are being set.
For selected candidates, we commit to prompt processing of documents according to POEA standards and assist clients for their immediate and legal deployment.

Depending on the work site, Camox may be able to provide any of the following services for client's projects, in combination with other services mentioned above:

Food catering for all client's employees at the work site. Cost varies on the number of employees and provision/availability of equipment.
Transportation of employees from their accommodation to worksite and vice-versa. Cost varies on the number of employees and work schedules.
Housing/accommodation within the worksite or adjacent to the site. Cost varies on number of employees and amenities to be provided.