Complete HR Management

  • For this Service, Camox will be the registered Principal/Employer with the POEA, that is, all duties and responsibilities of a Foreign Principal/Employer shall be shouldered by Camox. All workers shall be under the employment of Camox, who will be seconded to Client.
  • This Service includes Recruitment, Payroll Handling, Labor/Payroll Management at the work site, and full responsibilities of an Employer at the country of employment, as well as full responsibilities of a Principal/Employer where the POEA and/or Philippine Labour Law are concerned.
  • This style of working is possible in certain countries depending on local Labour Laws (such as Angola, Algeria etc). The costs are determined based on country of work, location of site , number of workers required, type of staff required, and availability of other logistics such as transportation from local airport to site, accommodation, food etc .
  • A site visit for Camox team at a cost as advised in options I , II & III may be required.

Depending on the work site, Camox may be able to provide any of the following services for Client’s projects, in combination with other Services mentioned above:

  • Food catering for all Client employees at the work site – cost varies depending on the number of employees to be serviced, and provision/availability of equipment.
  • Transportation of employees from the housing to the worksite and vice-versa – cost varies depending on the number of employees and work schedules.
  • Housing/Accommodation at the work site or in proximity to the work site – cost varies depending on number of employees and amenities to be supplied.