The Camox Advantage

About Us      Our Advantage

Camox believes in the capability of the Filipino workers and our ability to bring the best out of them to be able to contribute to the constant global development.

Camox provides advantages, which translate into better services. While HR-related services may also be provide by other companies, we have three prevailing advantages that make Camox Philippines, Inc. exceptional:

The first is our trust and belief in our Team Members - undeniably our Core strength. Our HR professionals are highly trained and have experience of providing HR solutions to Multinational companies.

Added to this, we have a dedicated Team of Consultants, which adds a vast knowledge base for our Clients

Each year, we set goals and objectives to change the way we do business in order to stay competitive, while keeping pace with shifting clients and Filipino workers’ expectations.

We believe that our know-how together with an active candidate database is the biggest advantage that we can provide to you.

As a leading provider of Human Resources in the Philippines integrated with projects worldwide, Camox sets high standards for performance in every aspect of our business.

Well-designed mature HR processes assuring high levels of reliability and trust are the hallmark of our services. These processes are the best practices drawn from our seasoned professionals in overseas manpower contracting and recruitment.

Our internal control systems are intact to ensure confidentiality of information.