Message from the President

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Camox is a company that is dedicated to its people, operating under a long-standing Philosophy based on the Golden Rule, "We treat our customers, team members, overseas workers, investors, and joint venture partners as we would like to be treated." I believe the superior performance and growth of our company has been the result of three primary strengths:

First is our trust and confidence in our team members – undeniably our core strength. I draw inspiration from their passion in the field. I credit every win in the market place to my team and their quest for winning. Repeatedly I see for myself, or hear testimonials from others, regarding their commitment in carrying out our vision of providing our customers with total satisfaction.
Second is our belief in the capability of the Filipino workers and Camox's ability in bringing the best out of the Filipino workers to be able to contribute in the development of the world in today’s times. Added to this, we have a dedicated team of consultants, which adds a vast knowledge base for our clients’ requirements.
Third is the Camox's mission to welcome and adapt to change and to explore the possibility of joint ventures and partnerships with primary objective of growth and involvement in projects worldwide.

Change is nothing new for Camox. Each year, we set goals and objectives to improve the way we do business in order to stay competitive while keeping pace with shifting clients' and Filipino worker's expectations. We integrate these goals into our regular business planning and day-to-day operations so that they remain "front and center" – as important to our business as sales and profit.

We have ventured into new frontiers and are exploring newer opportunities in countries such as Angola, Algeria, Congo, etc. This brings fresh challenges and heralds another significant chapter for our activities. Our businesses are now at a fast growing stage and we want to make sure that all our businesses will stand testimony to our "no compromise on quality" principle. Our corporate values – Do what's right, respect others, performance with excellence – serve as the foundation of Camox's initiatives as well as individual Camox team member's behavior.

As a leading provider of human resources solutions in the Philippines integrated with projects worldwide, we set high standards for performance in every aspect of our organization. Through these efforts, we will surely make a difference for the better in the Philippines and for the Filipinos today and will continue to do so in the future.

Camox Philippines, Inc. President